Decorative Bark and Colored Wood Mulch

Pine Bark is a natural ecological product, used to protect soil from drying out and temperature changes. It holds moisture in the soil, prevents growth of weeds and used as a decorative landscaping element. The bark is available in 5 sizes: 0-10 (fine), 10-30 (medium), 30-60 (coarse), 0-60 (unscreened) and 60-120 (extra coarse, polished).

Colored Wood Mulch is also ecological product made from wood chips, colored with environmentally friendly dyes. Their color is durable, attractive and weather resistant for long time. Four colors available as standard production: yellow, orange, red and brown.

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Type of product: COLORED WOOD MULCH

Product name Color Packaging No. of bags per pallet Pallets / truck
YELLOW MULCH Yellow 50L 45 33
ORANGE MULCH Orange 50L 45 33
RED MULCH Red 50L 45 33
BROWN MULCH Brown 50L 45 33



Product name Fraction (screening) Packaging No. of bags per pallet Pallets / truck
PINE BARK 0-60 MM 0-60 (unscreened) 80L 39 33
PINE BARK 0-10 MM 0-10 (fine) 80L 39 33
PINE BARK 10-30 MM 10-30 (medium) 80L 39 33
PINE BARK 30-60 MM 30-60 (coarse) 80L 39 33
POLISHED PINE BARK 60-120 (extra coarse) 50L 42 33

PINE BARK 0-60 MM is a mixture of all pine bark sizes. This type of bark is used for decorative purposes, protects from frost and excessive temperature variation on the ground surface.

PINE BARK 0-10 MM is the finest bark available. It ensures optimum coverage of the surface to be mulched, enhances soil, improves soil structure, increases water permeability and protects plant roots from freezing cold. It can also be used as a sub-layer below coarser pine mulch. Suitable to be used as an additive for substrates.

PINE BARK 10-30 MM is the most versatile bark size. It perfectly covers the surface to be mulched, maintains its moisture and provides protection from temperature fluctuations. This type of bark is suitable for mulching plants of any kind, and a perfect material for mulching perennial plants. The thickness of the layer to be applied is 5 to 7 cm. An additional 1 cm must be added each year as bark decays and enriches the soil with humus.

PINE BARK 30-60 MM is a coarse size pine bark that is most suited for mulching large plants such as coniferous trees and ornamental shrubs. While mulching with coarser bark, a sufficiently thick layer should be applied to ensure good protection of the subsoil from weed growth. With its visual quality, it serves very well for decorative functions in your garden.

POLISHED PINE BARK is 60/120 mm selected pine bark. Coarse pieces of pine bark are manually sorted and then mechanically processed to smoothen the edges. Large and smooth bark pieces provide an appealing decorative element. Perfect for arrangement of Japanese-style gardens.