Peat moss transport and logistics

Our logistics team has a huge experience in organizing transportation and logistics for all our clients worldwide. This allows us to make all deliveries easy, affordable and fast to any place in Europe and all international sea ports worldwide.

All international deliveries are carried out with our reliable long-term business partners on Trucks and Vessels (Worldwide) from Klaipeda (Lithuania) and Riga (Latvia) sea ports. Deliveries by sea containers can be additionally insured by Lloyd’s of London, Syndicate 1221.

Loading quantities of our products to 40’HC containers and trucks:

40’HC Containers No. of bales per pallet No. of pallets in 40’HC App. number of bales per 40’HC
5000-6500L 1 20-22 pallets 20-22 Big bales (100-143 m3)
225L / 250L 18 24-30 pallets 432-540 bales
70L 33 36-42 pallets 1188-1386 bags
45L / 50L 39 46 pallets 1794 bags
20L 102 42 pallets 4284 bags
10L 200 42 pallets 8400 bags
5L 204 42 pallets 8568 bags

Trucks No. of bales per pallet No. of pallets in Truck App. number of bales per Truck
5000-6500L 1 19-26 pallets 19-26 Big bales (95-156 m3)
225L / 250L 15-18 24-32 pallets 420-576 bales
70L 42 26-30 pallets 1092-1260 bags
45L / 50L 51 28-30 pallets 1428-1530 bags
20L 120 28-30 pallets 3360-3600 bags
10L 200 28-30 pallets 5600-6000 bags
5L 204 28-30 pallets 5712-6120 bags

Please feel free to contact us by E-mail ( or Phone/WhatsApp: +370 655 99 111 for any technical information, current supply ability and prices on all our products. You can also fill out our RFQ form online and we will get back to you shortly.